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Sickbed Elevator

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Sickbed Elevator
Barrier-free Spaces Full of Love

Based on the in-depth research of medical venues, General applies all technical innovations in people-oriented design, creates barrier-free medical transport equipment and provides perfect services for modern hospitals, medical centers and sanatoriums.

Exclusive Design Care for People with Special Needs

The unique designs of sickbed elevators such as the delayed door-closing function, Braille buttons and control boxes for the physically-challenged people take the needs of various people with special needs so special patients can ride elevators safely and conveniently.

Self-cleaning Cars Prevent Cross Infection

The automatic ultraviolet disinfection device automatically starts to disinfect idled elevators to keep a good ride space for patients with poor immunity.

Electromagnetic anti-interference, medical orderly operation

Considering the impact of electromagnetic waves running on the elevator on medical testing equipment, the EMC electromagnetic compatibility device is specially designed to meet the normal operation requirements of the medical system.

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