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Install Service

Full Life Cycle Service Guarantee

General Elevator provides full life cycle service guarantee for elevators. General Elevator provides regular after-sales services including standard installation, regular maintenance, daily maintenance, parts and spares, and Q&A, and guarantees elevators in good conditions.
We also provide value-added services beyond expectation. We introduce advanced Internet of Things technology upon features and use environment of elevators, and formulates unique maintenance process using computer and special instruments for maintenance. Besides daily maintenance, we also regular inspects elevators with pre-diagnostic technology and formulate individualized maintenance plans according to actual running status.

Installation Team

Strictly trained General’s installation team has professional skills and sufficient experience. Every engineer guarantees the installation quality of General elevators with knowledge of product parts and system.

Installation Standard

The installation of General elevators sticks to national installation standards and global top standards. Every elevator will not deliver t the user until it passes strict quality inspection and test inside GE and meets the standards.

Site and equipment protection

Throughout the installation process, we always protect product parts and finished products in the site.

Job Specification

We strictly standardize work communication, work zone, and safety precautions.

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